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Helping students reach their dream destination

We are an US Company who help students to get admitted to Colleges and Universities.

Lovable Learning Creator

Hello world, it’s love.

Love is the most emphatic human instinct. When we wanted to articulate our core philosophy in one single word, love was the only word that felt perfect. The Latin of love is amôr, and our name Aemers stemmed from there.While learning is the foundation of growth, love is the propellant of progress. Our commitment to altruism and benevolence is substantiated by a wide spectrum of free services. These are resources we have democratized for enabling even the most disenfranchised entities to obtain scholarships abroad at different levels.

And our diverse services are crafted in such a way that all of our valued stakeholders discover the scholarship journey to be truly lovable.

Our Story

In 2016, Dr. Mamoon Rashid dreamt about Aemers LLC, a US-based company registered in Miami, Florida, with a singular purpose—to support students in their educational pursuits in the United States and Canada.At Aemers, we offer comprehensive services, starting with funding mentorship to help students secure scholarships for their academic dreams. Additionally, we provide personalized guidance for admission into top undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs, ensuring each application shines brightly.

Recognizing the importance of showcasing extra-curricular activities, we assist students in building a strong ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities) portfolio. This ensures their achievements are properly recognized by educational institutions in the USA and Canada.We also provide expert guidance for exam registrations, including the SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS, enabling students to excel in these standardized tests. Additionally, we offer consultations for US and Canada visa processes, simplifying the complexities and helping students navigate the path smoothly.

To further support test preparation, we offer SAT and IELTS mock exams, allowing students to experience the real exam environment and refine their strategies for success.At Aemers, our mission is to empower students, guiding them through their educational journey with personalized support and unwavering dedication.Join Aemers today and embark on your educational adventure with confidence.

We are an American Company to
support students in America!

Though we are located in USA, we can easily help students who are trying to get admitted in USA. Our strong network with universities is our key strenghth.

Our Team

We have a very enthusiastic team to provide best support to our students!
Team Photo (11)

Dr. Mamoon Rashid

CEO & Founder
Team Photo (12)

Dr. Mehbuba Rahman

Team Photo (13)

Bilkis Jahan​

Deputy Managing Director
tahmid vai

Tahmid Rahman

SOP Manager
Team Photo (2)

Akter Hossain

Team Photo (3)

Reyad Sheikh

Senior Executive

Jakir Hossain

Operation Manager
Team Photo (5)

Jennat Rehana

Manager, Lalmatia
Team Photo (4)

Tanvir Islam

Senior Executive
Team Photo (10)

Arif Shifat

Manager, Chattogram

Shihab Suman

Jr IT Executive

MK Sajib

Graphic Designer
yyuuyuyuy (1)

Hasibuzzaman Tonmoy

Chief Technology Officer

Humayan Rashid

IT Executive
yyuuyuyuy (3)

Thauhid Hussain

Product Designer

Mahir Muhtasim

Creative Writer

Humayan Rashid

IT Executive
yyuuyuyuy (3)

Thauhid Hussain

Product Designer
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