Direct admission to US graduate (MS/PhD) programs

    • Based on your profile, English proficiency and accomplishments, our team of mentors will help you get an admission to a Master or PhD program in the USA. Our priority remains on bringing you the highest amount of scholarship that your profile qualifies for. 
    • Features
      • Typical agencies may provide you free service because they eventually earn a percentage of the tuition that you pay to the university. Therefore, they lose money when you get scholarships. Since we deploy a team of mentors to walk you through the process of earning an admission with scholarship, there is a mentoring fee associated with this. You pay a small amount of mentoring fee to save a large amount of money afterwards. 
      • It’s a very comprehensive package that starts from the beginning to all the way to post-arrival welcoming in the USA. Please learn more about this here

GREC Database – the Linked-In for funding hunters

    • GREC Database is developed in collaboration with GREC in Bangladesh to help international students find and communicate with professors, researchers and students of their desired field and country. Securing a funded admission can’t get easier than reaching out to potential professors who have openings and looking for students with matching profiles.
      • This priceless service comes at no cost to you
      • Premium members can list their profiles that are presented to professors who are actively looking for students to award assistantship. 
      • Visit the website’s beta version at 

Graduate Full-Scholarship mentoring program

    • Competition for funding is getting more fierce every year. Trite strategies with unimpressive, outdated methods will rarely create a difference. Students with assorted skill sets, good-to-great academic standing and starkly varying experience are competing for the same opening of an MS and PhD program. Get professional help from a mentor to land on a funded admission successfully. This talent recruitment service from Aemers brings you exactly what you need. 
    • Features
      • Duration is about 12 months 
      • An experienced mentor is dedicated to your preparedness journey who provides highly personalized guidance. 
      • Accountability and quality is assured through our established transparency policy. 
      • Up to 80% scholarship is available to avail this program (meaning, you will pay only 20% of the fee we keep for this service)
      • Currently not accepting candidates.

Admission to PharmD or Professional Health Programs

    • Get into a prestigious PharmD program in the USA under our supervised admission process. Aemers CEO Dr. Mamoon Rashid is the Director of International Recruitment for Southern Asia at Appalachian College of Pharmacy and will counsel you to make a calculated decision to earn a professional health science degree in the USA. This service is also for those who want to get into a medical or nursing school in the USA.