The stepping stone to your US Scholarship journey is right here. Join this intensive and rigorous bootcamp to widen your outlook  and hone your skills.  Viewing the fuller picture from multiple perspectives will help you to adopt a foolproof strategy. 

What the bootcamp will provide you

  1. Deliverable and duration: six training sessions over the span of two days. All training materials are delivered onsite. 
  2. Location: Aemers’ Dhanmondi office (GREC’s Head Quarter, 6th Floor, Sunrise Plaza, Block- A, Mirpur Road, Lalmatia, Dhanmondi, Dhaka). 
  3. Active learning: onsite training, online asynchronous training with our industry-leading LMS, solo and team-based learning, game-learning and problem solving.


Details of the sessions: 

  1. Universities types and their differences; understanding how money is filtered for the qualified ones. Standardized tests and academic preparedness and their reporting; Taking the right English proficiency test and how to achieve (fee) waiver. Details about financial aid including the mechanism of provision, need-based, need-aware, need bind, and need-sensitive etc.
  2. Beyond academics – the Extracurricular Activities and honors; understanding application cycle: EA, ED, REA, RD, RA; process of applying and navigating Common App, Coalition App, MyMIT, ApplyTexas, etc.
  3. Drafting and securing mighty Recommendation Letters (selection of Counselor, Teachers, Peer, Coach, Parents, Private Tutors); crafting and composing and things to avoid; making of the Portfolio (art, dance, maker portfolio, etc.) including video portfolio and its impact on the admission/scholarship decision; full and effective utilization of the ADDITIONAL information part of Common/Coalition App; practical training over Common App/Coalition App; practically viable college list. 
  4. Essays (Common/Coalition App main essay and supplemental essays) along with developing persuasive writing skills; assessment of your own profile and articulation of appropriate attributes; building the first scaffold of college essays.Understanding common issues with identity/financial documents essential for CSS, Passport, IDOC, etc.
  5. CSS/ISFAA/ FAFSA; college interview; demonstrated Interest, why it is important and how to be recruited by colleges.
  6. Understanding being deferred and waitlisted; documents needed after getting accepted including form I-20, filling out DS-160, paying SEVIS, facing the embassy and securing visa.
  7. Students will be given some online activities as pre-bootcamp assignment.


Recess, refreshments and networking

  1. Light snack, tea/coffee break: 3 times.
  2. Lunch with drinks: 1 time
  1. Participants will be divided into teams for group activity and games. Leaderboard and peer-appreciation will be provided.


Take-home items and certification of attendance

  1. Six booklets, a binder, a printed book
  2. A t-shirt as a souvenir 
  3. Certification of attendance
  4. Select participants will be awarded with the souvenir leaderboard (2ft by 5ft) and peer-appreciation board (2ft by 5ft)



BDT 1600/= per person that includes all training materials, deliverables, snacks, drinks, lunch, t-shirt and certificate. The regular price is BDT 2500/=, and this discounted price won’t last long. 


Next Bootcamp date:

August 20, (10AM-5.45PM) and August 21 (1.30PM – 5.45PM)


How to register:

  1. Fill out the Google Form link here: LINK
  2. Make payment here LINK


You can make the payment online at our website (link given above) or at our office in Dhanmondi (6th Floor, Sunrise Plaza, Block- A, Mirpur Road, Lalmatia, Dhanmondi, Dhaka). For any question, send a message to our Facebook page ( or make a post on our Facebook group (