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Aemers stems from “amare” – the Latin for “love”. Every service we craft at Aemers, we glue that with genuine love. Likewise, the only phrase our fans use to portray our packages, is they ‘just loved it’. You may LIKE countless trivial things for no sane reason, but your LOVE is deserved by only a few. We primarily create specialty learning packages. That’s why Aemers LLC stands for “Lovable Learning Creators” in our case.

Aemers was founded on December 6th, 2016 in Oakwood, Virginia, USA by Dr. Mamoon Rashid. Later on, Dr. Benjamin Clayton joined Aemers as its CEO and the two academicians with vast experience on international admission and eLearning started offering Aemers service among Bangladeshi students seeking university admission worldwide. At present Aemers is registered in the USA but operates in Bangladesh with its partner GREC Bangladesh (grecbd.com).

A sister enterprise of Aemers is EngMed LLC, which is building a lovable application for IGCSE and Edexcel curriculum.

Message From The Vice President

Dr. Mamoon Rashid

My name is Mamoon Rashid. I initiated the massive popularization of American scholarship in Bangladesh during 2007 through my organization “GRE Center” (currently known as GREC). I organized and conducted seminars in all major educational institutes in Bangladesh to popularize higher study abroad. GREC, my first company, has been giving preparatory services including SAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS to countless students since 2008. At present, we have four branches in Bangladesh and the global admission service is provided from our Aemers office in the USA. My educational videos have been viewed and shared countless times in multiple platforms, and my organization has published multiple books and educational contents. We own an official IELTS test venue at Banani, Dhaka. Moreover, my company has been offering distance learning (eLearning) long before any of our competitors officially adopted.

I came to the USA about 12 years ago and finished Ph.D. with full scholarship. For last 7 years, I have been serving as a professor at the university level, which enabled me to understand and explore higher education system in the USA better than any other educational consultants. I am also a certified Adobe Captivate Specialist and actively engaged in teaching English and Math essential GRE, SAT, IELTS and so on. Although I am a professional consultant, I offer many altruistic services to serve the higher-study-aspiring youths of my country. Many people consider me as the most qualified and competent educational consultant in Bangladesh. I want to thank you for your interest to buy our service.

Message From The CEO

Dr. Benjamin Clayton

My name is Benjamin Clayton. In my career, I have held the positions of Laboratory Researcher, Associate Professor, and Division Chair of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Now, I am embarking on a new career at as a Pharmacist with doctoral degrees in both chemistry and pharmacy. I have several years of teaching experience as an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the university level. I was a professor that truly cared about each and every one of my students. And so, I was driven to great lengths to ensure each person learned my topic and was correctly evaluated. Indeed, because of my caring personality and strong work ethic, I was given an award for Teaching Excellence for providing the best education to bachelors, masters, and doctorate-level students. I want to bring that same care and kindness to you as CEO of Aemers. Many of my students excelled to the top ranks of the nation because of my skills and inspirational personality. I believe in leading by example and inspiring people to achieve their best performance. YOU can achieve the greatness you have always desired. Each of you has GREAT abilities as well, and perhaps even more so. You need only the drive and the OPPORTUNITY, which we AIM to give you here in the United States of America. I left my academic position in order to compliment my existing knowledge of medicinal chemistry with knowledge and experience as a pharmacist. I desire to prolong life, provide health, and heal people in society who are suffering. However, I am a teacher at heart and desire to continue to teach and consult YOU, my students, because this is my passion in life. I love seeing my students achieve their dreams and goals.

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